Five Fave Flash Fictions: January

Okay, so a new resolution (blech) I made this year was to try and read a flash a day. I mean, you know what they say – a flash a day keeps the creepy-writing-monster-of-doubt-away. Now while I haven’t been exactly tip-top on that, I have read more than before, which matters a lot. So I wanted to do this new monthly blog post where I recap five fave flashes of mine.

Here you are.

Read at your own pace.

Read for your own peace.

Read more.

Go read. What are you waiting for?


The Feeling You Want by Sara Lippman at Atticus Review

Through the Veil of Her Hair by Cathy Ulrich at Longleaf Review

In Transit and Disrepair by Kristin Bonilla at Jellyfish Review

Even Pines Have Crowns by Hannah Vanderhart at Cotton Xenomorph (okay, it’s a poem, sue me)

In Which We Drive the Transpeninsular, Mexico 1 by Lori Sambol Brady at JMWW





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