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Yes, another blog about my sweet, sweet chapbook ALL THE GHOSTS WE’VE ALWAYS HAD (Feb 2018, Thirty West Publishing House). Hey, this is my first book, okay? I have got to over-pimp like a mofo. Cuddle and kiss it and get strangely intimate with it—wait, is that weird?

I mean, even though I know I should shout news from the rooftops, it’s still hard not to doubt yourself. Feel like a great big why-do-I-even-bother dummy. But I know it’s common. I talked a bit about it with some fabulous writers in my writing group and they managed to wrangle me back to confidence. Chuck Wendig wrote a great blog about imposter syndrome, which you can check out here. But I think it’s common with writers. Another hurdle for me to hump.


So ARCs have gone out to readers for reviews. Which is cool. Which is strange. Like an is-this-really-happening? vibe. Not to mention commence the nail-biting.

I mean how pretty is this photo? That slice of light across ‘ghosts’…man, oh, man.


There’s a little blurb about the theme of my chapbook. From Thirty West’s Website: “Stream of conscious narratives on relationships, femininity and pie-making.”

Sounds fancy.

But seriously. I’ve been working with Thirty West Publishing on edits. And because I have been on the shitty end for getting human responses on various things, I have to sing their praises. They are on time, deadline, do what they say they will, and work with the author. They’re personal, have super ideas for promotions, and are open to anything I suggest.

You can check out more about my chapbook here. Also if you’re curious about Thirty West go here.

Soon we’ll have news on a cover reveal, pre-order, and the limited edition of the chapbook. Stay tuned for that!

Also, I did a book aesthetic. Yes, really. I am that person who makes Pinterest boards for their characters so I thought why not share a bit for this chapbook. For the curious, book aesthetics are a grid of related images that visually depict the theme, or characters, or tone of the book. Like a little teaser. It’s fun to do, so check aesthetic #1 for ALL THE GHOSTS WE’VE ALWAYS HAD.

All The Ghosts We’ve Always Had Aesthetic


Okay, so I could go on forever about my chapbook but I promise for now I’m done talking about it (at least in this post).

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    • ARC's of my chapbook "All the Ghosts We've Always Had" have all been sent into the wild! I am super psyched to share these stories with you. Coming end of February from Thirty West Publishing.

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