Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers

‘Tis the motherfucking season for gifting (or grinching), but what about those writers in your life? You know, those friends or family members constantly hunched over a keyboard, staring into the bleak void of a computer screen while screaming for more whiskey? Well, allow me to make it super simple for you. Below are a small compilation of some holiday gift ideas for those wascally writers who write stories about you. Yeah. You know who you are, Carol.


Rustic AF Writing Devices

Retro-up your keyboard with the Lofree (Mac only, ugh) or get rustic with these off-the-grid devices like the Freewrite or the Alphasmart Neo . Or these fucking brilliant pencils. Or this WTF journal. No electricity required.


Gift Go-To-Apps

Since your writer is stuck in front of the computer 75% of the time, consider gifting them some novel writing software. I’ve heard good things about Scrivener, or my personal favorite is K.M. Weiland’s Outlining Your Novel software. It’s helped me draft my second novel in record time. Super easy to learn and fun.


Sweet, Sweet Sustenance

You don’t want the writer in your life to waste away to a waif-like wraith now, do you? DO YOU, CAROL? Consider gift cards to Uber Eats or DoorDash so they don’t even have to leave the comfort of their office. Because no one likes to interact with humanity AMIRITE? Or how about indulgent desk-side snacks like gummies from Sugarfina or go healthy with dried fruit. I guess.


Inspirational Books

Writers tends to wallow in self-doubt and just general wallow-ness. Perk up your sad-sack of a writer with inspirational go-get-em, tiger! writing books. Personal favorites are Steal Like an Artist, Daily Rituals or The Artists Way.


Reference Books

In case you forgot, writers also write stuff too, so how about a few smarty-pants books to freshen up the old ninth grade research skills, and bolster some brand new brainstorm activity? Check out this book about spooky symbols. Or this purdy visual dictionary. Or how about some monstrous creatures. Or any of these colorful thesauruses? Thesauri?


Desk Drankin’

Who can forget the classic WRITE LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER COFFEE MUG? Or if you’re the less sweary type – this Composition Book Mug. So your writer doesn’t have to hustle their sweet buns back and forth to the kitchen, get them a coffee warmer, or even this rose gold French Press. Making coffee right at your desk was never this sultry.


Sapling Subscription

For those writers who submit to the small press world, a subscription to Black Lawrence Press’ Sapling might be handy-dandy. It’s a curated weekly e-newsletter which profiles a contest, a small press and a literary journal in each issue. A one year sub is $25. I partake in this and it’s like getting a weekly inside small press scoop. DELICIOUS.


El Cheap-o Gifts

No moolah? No problem. Not all good things have a price tag. Give your writer a great gift by simply reviewing their book on Amazon. Or tell someone about their book. Or send them fan mail about how much you loved their short story. Or do a book review on your blog. GUSH AND SPREAD THE WORD AND GET THE GOOD VIBES OUT. It’s little stuff like this that helps all writers, and makes their day just a bit more merry.

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    December 4, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    This is a GREAT post!!! Also….hint much?? HAHA! <3

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