A Hodgepodge of Random Things

Some cool stuff has happened. First, my chapbook ALL THE GHOSTS WE’VE ALWAYS HAD is getting published! Wheeeeeee! I am super excited for a variety of reasons. A) this little book is near to my heart. It’s small, but big, big love has gone into it. I adored writing it and I can’t wait to share it and am super thankful Thirty West Publishing *cue Abba* took a chance on meeeeee. B) I will have a physical precious baby book available for coddling in sweet, sweet bookshelves. C) I am psyched to get an inside look into the uniqueness of chapbook publishing. COVERS AND FONTS AND BINDINGS, OH MY.

Second, I went to San Francisco for my 35th birthday. It was delightful. I went to my favorite bookstore (CityLights, natch) and my favorite bar (Vesuvio, double natch) and took this third-time’s-a-charm photo that I kinda love.


Third, the husband and I did an overnight concert/date in Tucson. It was our first time overnight without the kiddo in about 2.5 years. Traveling for a concert was on my 2017 bucket list, and since it’s one of few things I actually hit this year, braggity brag brag brag. Pleased to report that the toddler was well-behaved and did not miss us. Also, pleased to report that the Devil Makes Three did not suck. Although, people in Tucson do not know how to properly enjoy a concert. If standing around, arms crossed, and toe-tapping is where it’s at, you guys gotta do better. Hotel Congress was an adorable stay, and downtown Tucson was a blast. Stay there, drink at the Good Oak Bar, see a show at the Rialto Theatre and eat at Diablo Burger. There, I’ve told many friends about this, and now please to enjoy a few more photos.

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    • Can't beat after concert pizza.
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    • Pre-concert drinks.
    • Soon to do the Devil Makes Three. #datenight @thedevilmakes3

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