I Took Kathy Fish’s Fast Flash© Class (and so should you)


Good writers, come and gather ’round and let me tell you about the coolest class I took this side of the Mississippi. Okay, well it’s an online class so I guess that analogy doesn’t work.


For the last two weeks, I’ve been enrolled in the amazing Kathy Fish’s Fast Flash© class. What this is, is a ten-day creative workshop where the Master of Flash Kathy Fish puts the screws to you posts daily exercises for required writing.  Her class aims to encourage writers to simply trust the process and just write without worry while cranking out flash fiction with a franticly awesome intensity.

Each day, you write a flash based on that day’s prompt and post it on a password-protected WordPress blog. From there you receive feedback from Kathy and fellow writers, while encouraged to comment on other posts. Throughout this workshop process, everyone has been incredibly supportive and the feedback meaningful. It has been one of the most rewarding—and fun—workshops I’ve had the chance to take for a few reasons.



I’m a self-taught writer. When I found myself writing flash fiction I never really studied it. And I don’t think you NEED to. It’s about what works for you. That said, taking this class has allowed me to get a bit of insight on the tips and tricks of the trade. In the future, when I find myself stuck writing a short story or need inspiration, this class will definitely be in my toolbox. A little extra piece of writerly weaponry to stave off doubt and writer’s block and tap into the craft of flashing (ahem).



I was felt stunted in the flash fiction realm after finishing my novel. What this class did was give me a boost to regenerate my flash skills. And now that it’s over, I have about ten pieces of new material to polish and eventually submit. I even have a potential chapbook idea.



The coolest thing about this class was meeting so many other inspiring writers. I was seriously wowed everyday by the sheer amount of powerhouse talent in this class. No egos, just real, friendly writers who cheered you on and vice versa. Feedback was optional, but it seems like literally every single person replied to every participant’s writing. Best of all, I have a few new writer connections/pals/friends on Twitter and around the globe. And that ain’t too shabby.


To check out Kathy Fish’s Fast Flash© class, take a cyber journey here.





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