9 Nifty Tools for Writers

As I’ve slowly but surely been getting back into writing, I’ve been trying especially hard to stay on task. Pre-baby, I’d settle in at the computer, maybe play a Buzzfeed quiz or two, lurk on Facebook for a while, and screw around on Twitter. Now with a wee one, it’s imperative to stop dicking around with free time and cram in as much writing in as I can. At least a baby’s good for making you realize your priorities and eventually shun the luscious lure of the Internet.



So here are a few of my favorite writing tools that I use to start my day, stay organized and get my creative juices flowing…

weekly desk pad planner from Rifle Paper  Co. to help plan blog posts and make sure book edits stay on track | ColorNote app to jot quick notes or ideas while on the go or on the can | if paper is more your speed hook yourself with this “Write Drunk, Edit Sober” pocket journal |tattoo thoughts to paper with Sharpie Pen | dual monitors – one for writing, the other for Netflix, uh research | look no further when needing to describe colors in a story with this “unofficial” but pretty damn fun color thesaurus|my favorite coffee to fuel ambition| keep said coffee in this foul-mouthed mug to spur your sailor tongue | and one day when money is no object, I shall have this



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