Summertime and the Readin’ is Easy

Summer has officially started in the Valley of the Sun. 108 degrees has rolled in with pretty much everyone resembling this on a daily basis.



car door


But the heat isn’t a bother. In fact, I love summer.  While my writing slows on Sundays as I’m usually out by the pool with a margarita, it doesn’t mean I’m any less productive.

It’s a positive correlation – the more summer, the more books I read.

And so here is the lineup to be conquered:




It’s a random mix of books to be read – not exactly light and “beachy” material but I’m eager to start running a train on this reading list.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying the summer with a book in hand.

And if you’re wondering where I’m lurking, I’ll just be the creeper out by the pool reading about Charles Manson and waiting for the NSA to swarm.

Summer: It’s gonna be one hell of a read.


Might as well just toss them all together for some kind of book orgy, AMIRITE?

Might as well just toss them all together for some kind of book orgy, AMIRITE?

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