Jules Just Likes: Flash, Sharp Objects and Shower Stalls

A few things I’m liking this month that don’t end with me gracefully face down in a pile of cake.



Recently a short piece of flash fiction I’ve read and really enjoyed is, “Semi-Homemade” by Mitch McGuire at The Molotov Cocktail.  I like to pretend it’s Martha Stewart’s – or even better – Rachael Ray’s internal monologue.

“I wish cocktail time came at the beginning of the show, it would probably be easier to get through the rest of the taping without screaming.”

Read it here.



Let’s talk about “Sharp Objects”. Preferably that meat cleaver under your pillow, but most definitely a novel by Gillian Flynn.



Yes, yes, it’s eight years old and as always I’m probably behind the times but screw Gone Girl. This book was darkly clever and very, very twisted. Not to mention the main character was a woman I really enjoyed. Flawed, not annoying and strong. I’d sit down and have a drink with her any day.  Those of you who like fucked-up books check it out. It’s a must-read and a nail biter.





When using shower drain hair to write threatening messages on shower walls just won’t cut it…



I think it spells out "DIE"...?

I think it spells out “DIE”…?


…there’s AquaNotes. A writer’s wet dream. Get it, GET IT?

Seriously though. There’s no more streaking through the house (much to my husband’s deep regret) to scrabble for a pen and paper when an idea or a quote hits the ol’ cerebellum. Simply scrawl on the waterproof paper notepad to get your writerly ideas, grocery list, or murder manifesto out. I’ve used this so many times for story ideas that it’s nearly time for a refill.

Every writer needs one of these things. If not for ideas, at the very least to draw dick pics.



Not my best work, but hey, even Picasso had his moments.


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