Mo’ Writing, Mo’ Problems

What’s better? The movie or the book? An age old argument where the only solution is a hearty dance off pants off.  And though I tend to favor holding the written word over ogling glossy film reel, I do appreciate a good old fashioned Hollywood movie when done right.

Christ, please give this movie an Oscar. -my 9-year-old self

Christ, please give this movie an Oscar.
-my 9-year-old self

Recently, the Cousin (thanks, Cousin!) sent me a link I really enjoyed and agreed with and like a sweet, sweet STD, I wanted to pass it along to you fine readers and writers.

From IO9, the article featured the top problems and top trends a script reader noted when perusing screenplays for studios. Though not directly related to actual BOOKS, the article is very  useful and interesting. For any writer of anything, these are helpful tips for plot and character development.


Hell, many of these are things I try to keep in mind as I’m writing my future-in-progress-maybe-it’s-a-book.

Note the #1 reason. NOTE IT. Sometimes I agree with it; sometimes I don’t. Maybe it’s still because killing your darlings is so hard, but I do love a good well-flushed out beginning. Not too slow, not too fast, but just riiiight. Straddling that fine line is a hard thing indeed.

#7 is something I always try to pay very close, extra-special-attention to. If there’s a purpose to her (any character), treat her right.

#15 is a trend I notice a lot in some amazing books. They start out so strong and then the last part just peters out. 11/22/63, The Silent Wife, and Choke are a few books that seemed meh at the end.


These aren’t law. Just teeny tiny tactics for maybe, perchance, hopefully making what you write better. Because hey, unless you’re goddamn Rob Lowe, you can always use a little improvement.

Perfection duly noted.

Perfection duly noted.

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