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Their name is fun to say: The Doctor T.J Eckleburg Review. A mouthful of literary goodness. And I happen to have a piece in their Eckleburg online section.

The piece is called “Good Bones“. And it starts something like this:

My sister wears a salami down the front of her pants. She says it makes her feel closer to god.

She comes to my bedroom one night, when I’m still wondering what in the hell she and my ma have done to it in the short time I’ve been gone, and stands in the door frame. The particle board walls have chalk outlines on them, a basket of wool and knitting needles in one corner, a suitcase full of beads and thread in the other. A bipolar art project. Ma hocks her wares and uses Lola. Somehow, she uses her.

So now it’s time to hock my wares. Family, friends, readers, even enemies can use the  coupon code: “contributor-discount” to get half off. $2.50 gets you forever access to the Eckleburg Review. Ain’t too shabby. Shit can’t always be free you cheap bastards. Or if you already subscribe, then “Good Bones” is already available for your reading pleasure.

Thanks to The Editors for having me.
Thanks for doing what they do.
Thanks to you for letting me pimp my piece.
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