I and Love and The Avett Brothers

2013 has been the Year of the Concerts.

Last Saturday night, my husband and I checked out The Avett Brothers. One of my fave bands thanks to their super awesome beards and long hair, microphone screaming and gorgeous lyrics.

The Avett Brothers have outlawed smiling.

The Avett Brothers have outlawed smiling.

But seriously, I have a raging lady boner for all three of those.

Scott and Seth Avett are a blend of bluegrass, country and rock. Want background? Go to here to read about them. I’m too lazy to get into it. But to make a long story short (“too late” as Clue would say) their lyrics and acoustics are killer.

As a writer, I truly, truly adore their words.

Side note: Concerts bring out the best and the worst in me.

as evidence by the wine (violence) and the peace sign (peace)

as evidenced by the wine (violence) and the peace sign (peace)

I am insanely anal (gentlemen) about timing. I must be there before the first act, proper parking must be found, dinner must be eaten. If I am murdered at a concert by my husband, consider it a valid death.

This concert was held at the Mesa Amphitheater. It was a venue I had never been to before, but once there, I totally dug it. It was kinda like a mini-Woodstock, classed up and with less BO and flowers in the hair. But someone did light up a fat doob so at least we had some memory of the past.

a photo that is not mine.

a photo that is not mine.

As always, I need a drink in hand for a concert. There were six beer lines. Guess which one I picked? The fucking worst line ever. Molasses moving, people griping, it was like the Trail of Tears over here.

I swore if the concert started and I was still in line for a drink, murder would be had.

Luckily, for the 12-year old bartender (no, seriously), I made it in time. The Avett Brothers started off their set with the George Strait cover “Ocean Front Property” (in Arizona, yo) and  this was evidence as to why I love them.

Guarantee they try to personalize an opener for each city they visit.

I can’t testify to that fact, but I bet it.


The crowd was cool and into the show. Regrettably, I was three glasses of wine deep by now and ended up calling some blonde a tramp in when she blocked my view. Don’t worry mom, I immediately felt bad about it. Luckily, I don’t think she heard me either. But her boyfriend did. He gave me a I-know-what-you’re-talking-about kinda look and then we both proceeded to watch the concert in easy peace and love.

oh the feels.

oh the feels.

But back to the Avett’s.

The set list covered so many great ones: I and Love and You; Colorshow; February Seven; Perfect Space; SSS; Go to Sleep, and many more.

Yet, the very best songs were a cover of Paul Simon’s Slip Slidin’ Away and one of my favorites Murder in the City.

Though the video is shit, the music speaks for itself. Watch them here (Your life will change. No seriously. Pardon my screaming.):

If you need an excuse to get an album their brand spankin new one drops on 10/15. Magpie and the Dandelion sounds really tasty. And judging from what I’ve heard so far, I’m sure it’s not a bad listen, either. You can preview it here FREE, you cheap bastards. (Thanks, NPR!).


The show was fabulous. It probably falls into my top three concerts. See The Avett Brothers if you ever have the chance. They are well worth the money. They give a great show, at two hours, you will dance and sing and cheer and be damn pleased when you go home.

And when you see them, after the concert, make sure to get donuts.

I eat feelings.

I eat feelings.

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    Michael Gillan Maxwell

    October 14, 2013 at 2:33 am

    The Avetts totally rule. I saw them many years ago when I was on ‘shrooms and I had no idea who they were (or who I was, for that matter) Unbelievable experience. Forever etched into whatever is left of my mind!

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