A Gas Station (Halloween) Conversation

On This Day, in Halloween history, my costume consisted of yet another unflattering façade. Going as Napoleon Dynamite had me toiling until 11pm the night before Halloween with a Sharpie marker, muttering swears as I stenciled VOTE FOR PEDRO on a thrift store t-shirt.


This is what sweet, sweet procrastination gets you.


Enter the conversation that made my day.

Stopping at what I like to refer to as a KUM & GO, I get out to pump gas, clad in my outfit, minus the wig. Picture me: Nerd glasses on, Fake Uggs passing as Moonboots, high-waisted pants, surly attitude. As the pump runs, I chill in the front seat of my Challenger.

A nice-looking man in scrubs walks out, stops and says, “How you liking that car?”

I reply that yes, yes, I love my car.

Him: “I’ve been eyeing one like that for myself.”

Me: “Yep, I always wanted this. I finally decided one day to live the dream and just go for it. You know like Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted.”

Then as he’s climbing into his truck he responds with a big smile, saying, “Well, you look really good in it.”

I laugh heartily as he speeds away

Was that some sort of zinger? Sly comeback? An honest compliment? A sexy-sexy pick-up line?

Either way it made my morning. Check and mate on a Halloween costume well played.

And the rest of you…well, I hope your Halloween has been one for the ages.

Until next year…

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    November 1, 2012 at 3:59 am

    So you get hit on dressed as Napoleon Dynamite, while the UPS guy guesses that my “costume” is Bitter Secretary. The world is unfair.

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