Red, Red Ink (and wine?)

Good people, hear my editing updates –

As of this Tuesday I have successfully edited 100/208 pages. Now, please note this is not a thorough, kill-your-darlings type of editing; it’s more of a fill-in-the-gaps, continuity, make-sure-the-gun-used-on-page-five-matches-the-one-used-on-page-55 type of thang. 

So far, it’s not as bad as I thought. I will be honest and admit I procrastinated. I was scared. But now that I’m into it, I find I’m okay with it. Some parts are bad, but the parts that are good, I’m finding are pretty damn decent. At least in my opinion. I never know how to judge my own writing but I try to be honest on what works and what doesn’t. I go with my gut on what to cut or not.

I swear I'm better than this

Another thing I’ve encountered is the need to add more information. With this re-reading/revision I find parts in the book that are lacking in back story and setting detail.  I hope to finish up this first round by the end of the week and then get back to frantically typing. Wish me luck. And wine. Much wine.

No, no, not THIS type of typing


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    Harley May

    November 30, 2011 at 3:22 am


    See Jules.
    See Jules Edit.
    Edit Jules Edit.

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