Thanks to everyone who read “Quotes”. That story was inspired by random quotes and conversations I have eavesdropped on over the years. I keep a journal and write  the best ones down for future fodder (And you’ll never know who you are! If you do, sorry for poaching your words).

“Quotes” was a random night of writing – finished in less than three hours. And it’s odd…sometimes I feel like the stories I “just write” turn out the best. Having time to proof…to think about them leads you to obsess, change things that might be good or make the story worse. But there’s no decisive way in the end. To each their own.

The motto that gets me through whipping out a story is something said to me by one of my professors during my college career. The one thing that’s stuck with me this long: “Don’t Think. Just Write.”

Words of [expensive] wisdom.

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