10 Jobs: #10

10. Student.

Jake flips the burger and watches it sail into the air. Like a pro, he catches it with his spatula, slapping the burger right back onto the grill. The BBQ looks a little dull so he figures he’ll liven it up with some news.

“I’m going back to school,” Jake announces, expecting gasps.

Instead, a snort comes from left field. “You’re lying. You’ve never had a real job in your life,” Brian says, walking up with Maggie.

Maggie dangles a big sparkly thing from her left hand and Jake face palms. “Aw, say it ain’t so, Brian!”

Brian laughs as Maggie curses Jake out. “What’re you doin to me, Brian?” Jake hisses, glancing over his shoulder at Kathy who’s talking with their ma. “Now Kathy’s gonna want one.” Brian shrugs his shoulders in a not-my-problem type of way.

“It’ll make you hon-est,” Maggie sing-songs.

Jake cocks a brow. “Apparently so. Brian tells me you’re not a real blonde.”

As Maggie turns her wrath to Brian, Jake darts out of the way, joining his sister on the front porch. Sally’s smoking and reading a book. “I believe you, Jake,” Sally says without looking up.

“Thanks, Sal.”

“What’re you goin back for?”

“Make some real money; get Kathy a bigger ring than Maggie.”

Grinning, Sally shakes her head. “No, what major, dummy?”

“Just trade school. Learn something useful. Maybe how to fix broken wires or something.”

“You mean…like an electrician?”

Jake finger guns Sally. “You see, that’s why I need you around. You give me all these bright ideas.” He wraps an arm around his sister. “An electrician it is.”

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