10 Jobs: 10 unofficial jobs Jake Baker has never got paid for.

1. Sentry.

“If you’re gonna leave just do it already,” 15-year-old Jake tells his pa. He holds an arm out and his sister Sally runs to him, shielding her face against his side. Jake thinks it’s one of the most serious days in his life and he hates it.

“Oh, Jake, don’t say that,” his ma cries, watching her husband, Kevin, stuff his remaining few belongings in a shoddy suitcase. Not that their pa really needs the suitcase; he’s been coming and going for so long it doesn’t matter. The suitcase’s just for show. A final goodbye.

Kevin gives Jake a long look before turning to his wife. “I’ll call you.” Then he walks out the door, leaving his family to watch it slam.

“Now, why’d you have to go and say that?” ma asks, her face tired, arms propped against her side.

“I didn’t make him leave,” Jake says. “And neither did you.”

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